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Bubba turns 4!!!

Parker that is.  Ben is BeBe (initials are BB).  Evan is BoBo (always getting injured).  Parker is Bubba (best little and big brother ever).  We like nicknames apparently.

Anyway, my middle man is FOUR now.  Wow, that has flown by!  He is such a joy and makes us laugh daily.  He is also such a nurturer.  Always loving on his brothers and me.  He loves sports and wrestling, swimming in the hot tub, building Legos (his latest addiction), reading, and making others laugh.  

The newest Parker-ism is fularious.  As in, that flying monkey is “fularious”.  So funny, it is hilarious.  It has now been added to the whole family’s vocabulary.

Another Parker-ism is when he is eating something that he loves.  When his plate of sticky chicken (general tsos minus the batter/frying) is set in front of him, he says “i am just going to slam my face in it…just slap it on my face.”  (I have a video, but can’t get it uploaded…maybe one day.) Such a nut!  And I love him for it!

We celebrated on Sunday with family at the house.  Heated up the hot tub and pool and the kiddos were happy!  He wanted a puppy dog…he got a stuffed one!

ImageMonday was his actual birthday and he chose “chips and salsa” for dinner.

ImageAnd he also wanted to celebrate with his school friends on Tuesday…



A cute cookie cake by Custom Confections by Amanda.  Parker loves elephants.Image


Imagejust a touch of sarcasm there.  Ben’s class celebrated their 100th day of school on Tuesday.  I knew this day was coming for 2+weeks and a celebratory shirt was needed.  Unfortunately, between two kids surgeries, vacation, two family birthdays, and Valentines Day…plus everyday tasks…it slipped through the cracks.

I remembered at 8:3…on Tuesday morning.  Awesome.  Ben ran upstairs and grabbed a white tee while I grabbed some markers.  100 dots later, we were done and in the car by 8:41.  I am not proud.  But I am VERY thankful for my gracious son who showed me compassion by saying “this is awesome!” and never complained at the lack of planning or creativity that went into the making of the horrible shirt.  I am already “that” mom that I never thought I would be…and he is only in kindergarten!


Valentine’s Day isn’t at the top of my favorite holidays to celebrate…not even close…but we still had fun this year.  

The boys got to celebrate at school with their friends.  We made Valentines card using this free printable .  It was really cute, simple, and no candy involved.  

They came home to 2 dozen red heart balloons.Image

Joseph was shocked because it is totally out of character for me to buy ANYTHING that is so completely impractical…but the boys loved it which made it totally worthwhile.

My friend, Amanda, from Custom Confections by Amanda, made them these adorable tattoo cookies for dessert.Image

Do you like the snowflake paper napkins?  It was all that I had available that would remotely fit the theme, and the boys certainly didn’t care!

We enjoyed a nice, relaxing (read: no crowds, no wait) dinner at home.  The boys are completely spoiled with filet mignons (if I am going to splurge and eat a steak…it is going to be a good one).  They are going to be such food divas when they are older…and I will be to blame.  

Image(terrible pic)

I am thankful that I have such a wonderful family to shower with love!

ImageJoseph celebrated his 34th birthday last week.  Since his birthday came right after returning from vacation and right before Valentines and Parker’s birthday, it was really low key.  Just a fun dinner at Pappasito’s with the boys and boston cream pie cupcakes at home.  The boys and I were so happy to celebrate such an amazing, hardworking dad/husband…even if he is getting pretty old!