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Nearly empty bag.

This is my newest addiction.  Which means Costco will discontinue it within the next month or two.  Like they did with my Love Crunch.


So good.  Mix with some honey yogurt and fresh berries.  Sweet goodness!  Guess I have to order online now.  Unless “special requests” are not just a ploy.  In which case, I will be even more devoted to Costco.  Four hungry boys.  Buying in bulk a a necessity!



Happy Easter All!

We had a wonderful day of celebration!

We started with a wonderful sermon and the kids had a butterfly release in Sunday school. How cool is that!  The rest of the day was spent at The Pfeiffers (Joseph’s parents).  Lots of family and friends.  Easter egg hunt. Three legged races.  Sack races.  Yummy food.  Egg toss (which always ends messy).  Kite flying.  And what a beautiful day.  Doesn’t get any better!


Family photo before they got dirty. Apparently, Ben turned into a rabbit.

Sack Race!

A little assistance on the egg hunt!

Uncle J trying to talk Parker into a sack race.

Lizard anyone? Parker is always bringing me surprises!

Ben was so sweet. He put several of the eggs that he found into Parker and Evan's baskets without any prompting from me!

I spent almost all of my day chasing this guy around. From the food table. To the swing. To the driveway. To the drink table. To the water toys. To the food table. To the stairs. To the food table. To the water. To the drink table. You get the idea. Non. Stop. Mr. Busy Body.

So much to be thankful today and always.

It is T-Ball time!  Ben is loving it…mainly the uniform!  Parker goes to practice so he thinks he is on the team, too.

We got creamed the first game…but the kids had fun and didn’t seem to notice.  Ben hit really well.  Unfortunately, he had double ear infections with clogged ears then topped with a helmet…he could not hear any instructions when running the bases or working the outfield!  He had a lot of people cheering him on though.  FIFTEEN to be exact!  He is one loved kiddo!  Thanks to everyone who came out to support him.

Granny was very popular. She had popcorn!

My favorite Oriole!

Action shot. Go #9!

When did he get so big?

Looking forward to the rest of the season!



Joseph ran Angie’s Half Crazy Half Marathon last weekend.  Considering that he works ridiculous hours each week and helps raise 3 busy young boys, he training time is limited.  So, a 1 hour 52 min finish time was VERY impressive.  His goal was 1 hour 50 mins, but they don’t do pace starts so he had to weave around walkers/slow joggers for the first mile or so.  I consider his goal accomplished!  So proud of him.


Early morning start.  Had to wake Evan up (thus the jammies, blankie, and paci).  Luckily they went right by our neighborhood at mile 2!


At mile 12.  Still looking good and smiling!  He wasn’t even out of breath…amazing to me!


Ben got a little crazy with all of the waiting!


Jeremy was so fast that I couldn’t even get a shot of him in focus :]


Way to go, guys!  So proud of you!