I really wanted to get the boys to snow this year…and the 2 biggies up on skis.  It is so much easier when you can learn at a young age.  Since they are newbies, they don’t need a big mountain.  SOOO, off we went to New Mexico for a last minute trip.

Flight was a smooth a can be…just a lot more gear when you have to pack for skiing.  Luckily, my mom joined us so we had an extra set of hands to help.  As long as there is curb side check-in, we decided we could even do this on our own with the new babe!


Parker’s car sickness combined with his altitude sickness meant he had to sit out the first day…with Joseph watching him in the halls of the resort.  Evan, my mom, and I had already headed down the mountain.  He kept trying to go to ski school, but he would walk a few steps and then collapse in total defeat.  He shared his sickness all over the resort.  In one quick attempt to make it to the restroom, our nice camera bit the dust.  So all pics from the trip are from my i-phone…not many of them.

ImageMuch better the next day.  Trick is Dramamine 1 hour in advance, front seat, and Ginger Ale, and lots of towels and bags just in case.

Both boys really loved skiing and did really well.  They can’t wait until they can go back next year.  Since I won’t be prego, I will be able to join them!


Cold, early mornings…Imagelike in the teens cold.  Parker was out barefoot and short sleeved.  Huntsinger genes.  Definitely.

ImageFireside snuggles.

ImageLots of Legos (Thank you, Grandma!)  Early in the morning and late at night.  I woke up at 4 am one morning and got up only to find Parker sitting at the breakfast table working on his newest creation.  Apparently, it couldn’t wait until a decent hour.  Crazy kid!

ImageLittle bit of Ipad.  It was out in the open.  Not in use.  He saw his chance and took.  Pants or no pants.  He was going for it.

ImageLOTS of sledding.  Evan’s favorite activity by far.  He would just drag the sled along everywhere.  Whether or not someone actually wanted a ride.  

And they wanted to walk all over the frozen lakes and partially frozen river.  Made me a nervous wreck, but they had fun.

ImageGreat trip!

One of my fondest memories from my childhood is our yearly trips to Colorado with loads of family.  I think we went almost every year from the time I was 6 until 16 or so with a group of around 30 people.  Lots of food (thanks to “Grandma in a Box”) and game nights and skiing (from the first to the last lift ride up).  Hope that we can bring that tradition back!