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Happy Easter All!

We had a wonderful day of celebration!

We started with a wonderful sermon and the kids had a butterfly release in Sunday school. How cool is that!  The rest of the day was spent at The Pfeiffers (Joseph’s parents).  Lots of family and friends.  Easter egg hunt. Three legged races.  Sack races.  Yummy food.  Egg toss (which always ends messy).  Kite flying.  And what a beautiful day.  Doesn’t get any better!


Family photo before they got dirty. Apparently, Ben turned into a rabbit.

Sack Race!

A little assistance on the egg hunt!

Uncle J trying to talk Parker into a sack race.

Lizard anyone? Parker is always bringing me surprises!

Ben was so sweet. He put several of the eggs that he found into Parker and Evan's baskets without any prompting from me!

I spent almost all of my day chasing this guy around. From the food table. To the swing. To the driveway. To the drink table. To the water toys. To the food table. To the stairs. To the food table. To the water. To the drink table. You get the idea. Non. Stop. Mr. Busy Body.

So much to be thankful today and always.


It is T-Ball time!  Ben is loving it…mainly the uniform!  Parker goes to practice so he thinks he is on the team, too.

We got creamed the first game…but the kids had fun and didn’t seem to notice.  Ben hit really well.  Unfortunately, he had double ear infections with clogged ears then topped with a helmet…he could not hear any instructions when running the bases or working the outfield!  He had a lot of people cheering him on though.  FIFTEEN to be exact!  He is one loved kiddo!  Thanks to everyone who came out to support him.

Granny was very popular. She had popcorn!

My favorite Oriole!

Action shot. Go #9!

When did he get so big?

Looking forward to the rest of the season!



Joseph ran Angie’s Half Crazy Half Marathon last weekend.  Considering that he works ridiculous hours each week and helps raise 3 busy young boys, he training time is limited.  So, a 1 hour 52 min finish time was VERY impressive.  His goal was 1 hour 50 mins, but they don’t do pace starts so he had to weave around walkers/slow joggers for the first mile or so.  I consider his goal accomplished!  So proud of him.


Early morning start.  Had to wake Evan up (thus the jammies, blankie, and paci).  Luckily they went right by our neighborhood at mile 2!


At mile 12.  Still looking good and smiling!  He wasn’t even out of breath…amazing to me!


Ben got a little crazy with all of the waiting!


Jeremy was so fast that I couldn’t even get a shot of him in focus :]


Way to go, guys!  So proud of you!

Cowboy or Frat Boy?

Today was “GO TEXAN” Day for Parker’s MDO.  They all dressed up as cowboys, ate beans and jerky, and even had a faux camp fire.  His teachers rock and always have fun activities.

This is what Parker chose to wear.  Texas shirt, ripped jeans, open button down, boots.  Take away the hat and put the ripped jean outside of the boots…and you have a frat boy in the making.


Mardi Gras (Kid Style)

Today was the pet parade and kids parade at Galveston Mardi Gras.  We decided to go last minute.  Good decision.  Not too crowded.  Beautiful weather.  Kid friendly.  Loads of fun.  We very intentionally (and wisely!) chose a location right in between a bunch of grandparent aged people.  They were so kind to the boys and helped gather beads and corral Evan.  It took the boys all of 5 seconds to catch on to the whole bead thing.  They were dancing, cheering, and jumping up & down to get beads.  It worked…they were loaded down with beads by the end.

Beads, please!!!



Evan found his perfect seat/climbing gym.

Great family outing!

Parker Joseph turned THREE this weekend!  He is such a gift.

+Full of fun and has a great sense of humor.  After hitting his head (REALLY hard) the other day, he laid down with ice on his head and was being really quiet.  When he heard Joseph and I start getting concerned if he had fallen asleep, he started lightly snoring….then busted out giggling when Joseph took off his ice pack.  Such a trickster…Funny guy!

+He loves attending “school”, going to the park and zoo, reading, and playing with his cars, blocks, and animals.

+One of his most endearing traits is how he sings when he talks…so precious.

+You want to be a firefighter, astronaut, cow, or ‘lectrician on any given day.

+He loves to talk about a hunting and fishing trip with his granddads (which he has never done but apparently dreams about nightly).  The story changes but is surprisingly detailed!

+When I ask him what my name is, his reply is “Momma who loves Parker”.

+When I ask for his full name, he replies “Bubba Parker Joseph Pfeiffer”.  He takes his big “bubba” job seriously.  I thought that maybe Parker and Ben would “buddy up” and leave Evan out.  Not so.  Both the big boys are great about helping with Evan, but Parker really loves playing with him and being his friend.  I often catch them holding hands or Parker will have his arm wrapped around Evan.  They have definitely developed their own little bond.

On to the birthday festivities.  He has been talking about his biRRFday (his version of birthday) for weeks now.

The day started off with a cinnamon roll the size of his head (which I knew he would only eat 4 or so bites of…and he did…but had to give the birthday boy what he requested).

In the afternoon, we celebrated with a gymnastics party.  He was so excited, and it was great.  Perfect activity when you are trying to entertain a wide range of ages.  Everyone from the 1 year olds…to 10 year olds…to 30+ year olds had fun.  Trampolines, giant slides, rope climbing, foam pit, balance beams, blow up obstacle course, etc.  We had some sweaty, worn out, happy kiddos!

Pfeiffer boys ready to celebrate

Foam Pit



Evan loved bouncing with Daddy!

Cake Time!--He chose a Lightening McQueen cake. We DO NOT do cartoon characters at all. So this was a HUGE deal...and he loved it...and I survived it.

I Love You, Parker Joseph! My sweet little buddy!

All Aboard!

Saturday was POLAR EXPRESS!  The train ride goes from Palestine to Rusk and back.  We sung carols, drank hot chocolate, ate cookies, read the Polar Express, visited the North Pole, and even got a visit from SANTA!  It was just as magical as I had imagined.  All three boys were all decked out in there matching jammies.  Watching their faces and seeing their excitement was priceless.  This will definitely be a family tradition.

Ready to ride!

Waiting for the train

Just a little excited!

We've been good, Santa. Promise.

Ticket punch. Check.

I was just as excited as the boys. Maybe more.

We have been listening to jingling bells (courtesy of Santa) ever since.


Family Photo Time!

We took family photos a few weeks ago.  As usual, Jen from Photojenic, Inc. captured the kids perfectly.  We also got some of the whole Pfeiffer clan.  That was really fun!  Here are a few in a slideshow…have to keep a some to ourselves until Christmas cards go out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The name of Parker’s new pretend puppy dog.  Fugly.

I don’t say it.  Don’t know where he got it.  But that boy cracks me up.

where, oh where

did the last year go?  EVAN turned ONE today!  My baby is ONE!  Sniff..sniff…

From this…

To this…

Such a big boy!  We celebrated him on Saturday with a Fall Festival.

Thankful for Evan!

Family, small group family, and a few friends (who are almost like family!).  It was perfect!  The kids had a blast.

Face---make that body---painting.

Warrior Football?

Parker & His Cutie Pie Partner in Mischief

Cake Eating. He was not bashful.

This whipped cream smells funny---classic

Bye, Dad! I want to go home with Poppy!

4 Wheeling

Trying to escape out the back door. He wanted to keep partying with the big kids out back!

I got all of the supplies for some bobbing for apples…then my germaphobe side took over and it got nixed.  I am a nut.  I know.  Anyone have some good apple recipes?  I have around 2 dozen to use!  The three-legged races got scrapped, too.  Kids were having fun on their own.  I hope that Evan had as much fun as the big kids!

Evan—You are such a blessing! You bring a smile to my face every day.  I love watching you grow and learn.  You could not be any sweeter.  I made a “Thankful for Evan” Tree.  Some cards included:  I am Thankful for your “melt into me” hugs.  I am Thankful for your hearty appetite.  I am Thankful for your light-up-the-room smiles.  I am Thankful for your busybody ways.  I am Thankful for your sweet giggles.  I am Thankful for your wet kisses.  I am Thankful for your curious nature.  I am Thankful for YOU!  We love you, Little Man, Evey T, Evers, Evan Thomas,  Cutie, Buddy, Bubba, Munchkin, Lovey, Sweets!