Evan got tubes this morning after being postponed for a week due to the doctor having the flu. It was just the two of us, and although I know it is a simple procedure, those 15 minutes alone in the waiting room seemed to take a lot longer! As expected, the left side had a lot a fluid build up, right side was decent. It went fine, and we are hoping and praying for a quick and dramatic improvement in his speech now that he will be able to hear us.
I was surprised in the differences in how kids react to the procedure (and most importantly, anesthesia). After Ben’s tubes when his was 11 mos old, he was already flirting with a handful of nurses when I was taken back to him. On the other hand, Evan was screaming his head off, totally disoriented, making himself gag. Nice. The nurses were so glad to see me walking through the door to pass him off. His reaction may have freaked them out a little!

He is fed and sleeping now. Let’s hope we see a happier, healthier camper when he wakes up!