Parker Joseph turned THREE this weekend!  He is such a gift.

+Full of fun and has a great sense of humor.  After hitting his head (REALLY hard) the other day, he laid down with ice on his head and was being really quiet.  When he heard Joseph and I start getting concerned if he had fallen asleep, he started lightly snoring….then busted out giggling when Joseph took off his ice pack.  Such a trickster…Funny guy!

+He loves attending “school”, going to the park and zoo, reading, and playing with his cars, blocks, and animals.

+One of his most endearing traits is how he sings when he talks…so precious.

+You want to be a firefighter, astronaut, cow, or ‘lectrician on any given day.

+He loves to talk about a hunting and fishing trip with his granddads (which he has never done but apparently dreams about nightly).  The story changes but is surprisingly detailed!

+When I ask him what my name is, his reply is “Momma who loves Parker”.

+When I ask for his full name, he replies “Bubba Parker Joseph Pfeiffer”.  He takes his big “bubba” job seriously.  I thought that maybe Parker and Ben would “buddy up” and leave Evan out.  Not so.  Both the big boys are great about helping with Evan, but Parker really loves playing with him and being his friend.  I often catch them holding hands or Parker will have his arm wrapped around Evan.  They have definitely developed their own little bond.

On to the birthday festivities.  He has been talking about his biRRFday (his version of birthday) for weeks now.

The day started off with a cinnamon roll the size of his head (which I knew he would only eat 4 or so bites of…and he did…but had to give the birthday boy what he requested).

In the afternoon, we celebrated with a gymnastics party.  He was so excited, and it was great.  Perfect activity when you are trying to entertain a wide range of ages.  Everyone from the 1 year olds…to 10 year olds…to 30+ year olds had fun.  Trampolines, giant slides, rope climbing, foam pit, balance beams, blow up obstacle course, etc.  We had some sweaty, worn out, happy kiddos!

Pfeiffer boys ready to celebrate

Foam Pit



Evan loved bouncing with Daddy!

Cake Time!--He chose a Lightening McQueen cake. We DO NOT do cartoon characters at all. So this was a HUGE deal...and he loved it...and I survived it.

I Love You, Parker Joseph! My sweet little buddy!