did the last year go?  EVAN turned ONE today!  My baby is ONE!  Sniff..sniff…

From this…

To this…

Such a big boy!  We celebrated him on Saturday with a Fall Festival.

Thankful for Evan!

Family, small group family, and a few friends (who are almost like family!).  It was perfect!  The kids had a blast.

Face---make that body---painting.

Warrior Football?

Parker & His Cutie Pie Partner in Mischief

Cake Eating. He was not bashful.

This whipped cream smells funny---classic

Bye, Dad! I want to go home with Poppy!

4 Wheeling

Trying to escape out the back door. He wanted to keep partying with the big kids out back!

I got all of the supplies for some bobbing for apples…then my germaphobe side took over and it got nixed.  I am a nut.  I know.  Anyone have some good apple recipes?  I have around 2 dozen to use!  The three-legged races got scrapped, too.  Kids were having fun on their own.  I hope that Evan had as much fun as the big kids!

Evan—You are such a blessing! You bring a smile to my face every day.  I love watching you grow and learn.  You could not be any sweeter.  I made a “Thankful for Evan” Tree.  Some cards included:  I am Thankful for your “melt into me” hugs.  I am Thankful for your hearty appetite.  I am Thankful for your light-up-the-room smiles.  I am Thankful for your busybody ways.  I am Thankful for your sweet giggles.  I am Thankful for your wet kisses.  I am Thankful for your curious nature.  I am Thankful for YOU!  We love you, Little Man, Evey T, Evers, Evan Thomas,  Cutie, Buddy, Bubba, Munchkin, Lovey, Sweets!