Usually, we do kiddo crafts.  But this week, while the boys worked on their crafts (and destroyed the playroom), I have been working on crafts and projects that have been on my to-do list.  And it FEELS. SO. GOOD.  Let my creative juices flow.

We’ve got the fall wreath.  I actually really like how it turned out…and this is my first wreath!  Rolled flower tutorial and inspiration from  She is amazingly talented.  I want her to come over and spruce up my house.  And my wardrobe.  And my hairstyle. And to do lists.  And gift wrapping. And on. And on.



Then it was time to hit up the playroom.  Hung up the amazing artwork by MJ.  Loving looking at it every day.  Added the skirt to an old table.  It hides some of those larger toys that won’t fit in the cabinets.  $10 of fabric, a staple gun, and 15 minutes.  Voila!  I also made the rolled flower and framed it on craft paper.  Needs different craft paper…but it is what I had.  Loving how the playroom is all coming together.  I have gone back and forth on recovering chairs/painting craft table.  I think I want to do both still…just need the right fabric and motivation to paint!


Then a fall arrangement.  I have never spent much time or money on fall decor…except for little tablescapes…always so excited about getting to Christmas.  Since we are hosting a simple, low-key Fall Festival for Evan’s first birthday, I decided we would need a little more Fall…Ended up with this.  It is a start!

My art project for above the boys eating area did not turn out exactly as I had imagined.  Something was lost in the implementation…because in my head, it RoCkeD.  That is how a lot of things go for me.  But the boys love it.  It was made with love. I will grow to love it.  Until I decide to change it!

Little boys are in bed.  Big boys are at a Dynamo game.  Time for more crafting!