Had a great trip with our friends!

First Day: We had 2 guides come out to Tres Lagunas for a day of fly fishing.  Honestly, I expected it to be a little boring.  But it was so much fun!  I am hooked.  Get it?  It is like a game that you play with the fish.  One more hobby to add to the list.

Quite the crew of fishermen!

Second Day: We explored Santa Fe some, and the girls got pampered with massages.  And we enjoyed a nice dinner…in peace…without having to remind any one to “remember your manners”.

Third Day:  I spent the first half of the day recovering from a brutal game of Spoons (with Consequences) that was played the night before.  If you are ever dared/challenged/asked to eat a tablespoon of cinnamon (aka The Cinnamon Challenge as I found out later)…run.  They are trying to kill you.  Seriously, I almost died.  As I spent the night in the shower trying to breath, I was wondering how I was going explain how a 31 year mom of three ended up in the ER after trying to swallow tbs of cinnamon during a game of spoons.  I was going to go with “they slipped it to me while I was sleeping”.  Oh well, it was a really fun game until—. Once I could move and breathe again, we watched some Aggie football.   Then we went for a hike.

Like the view?

You know it is a fun trip…when you are already planning a return trip on the way to the airport.