I seriously feel like I have developed adult onset ADD.  Hello, grocery list/meal plan for four days that takes me 3 hours to write.  Good to see you, piles of paperwork to be filed and…and probably should knock “get Evan’s birth certificate” off the to do list since it has been there for, umm, 10 months.  To top it off, I have projects going on in almost every room of the house.  A few simple tasks have been done, but there is a lot to do.  So much that I am having trouble prioritizing and making decisions.

Here is what has been accomplished…and what needs to be done:

Evan's Room

Joseph hung the mirror for me in Evan’s room.  We have had the mirror (on loan from my parents) for a year.  It completes the space.

Boys Bathroom

This is the boys “new” bathroom.  It was the typical house built in the 80’s bathroom with cultured marble, seashell sinks, and peeling brass fixtures.  So, we have the new paint, new mirror, new countertop, new faucets.  Left open includes towel racks and, most importantly, a LIGHT FIXTURE.  They have been without one since the work was done…almost 2 months ago.  Doesn’t it look masculine?!

Hat Hooks

Another small accomplishment.  Hooks for the boys hats!  You know Parker likes his accessories!  We also stacked the bunk bed…really opening up the space.  And Ben feels like a BIG kid up on top of the world!

Boys Dining Area

This is the boys dining area (for breakfast and lunch) located in the dining room which would normally be the family room in the typical house arrangement.  I painted the table top.  Is it weird that I painted my boys tabletop purple?  I NEED some purple in my life.  Joseph hung their portrait and the train rack which is perfect for their backpacks, piggy bank mason jars, and sunscreen/tissues/bug spray/things lil’ kids need before walking out the door.  Left to do:  Finish me art project for above the photo.  Bringing some color in up high.

New Playroom

This was the formal living.  It will be transformed into the playroom.  I want it to fun and playful for the kids, but it also needs to blend with the rest of the house somewhat since it is at the front of the house. We got the armoires for toy storage.  Lots of other things to be done.  Repaint table a medium gray.  Remove tablecloth and recover chairs with this and/or this.  New throw pillow like this. And a new rug.  Maybe the IKEA Flokati rug? Any ideas fashionista friends?  I also want a bench or ottoman to go in between the armoires…and send the tiny loungers to the bedrooms.  To top of the room, my TALENTED aunt is painting a piece for the space between the armoires.  I will definitely be sharing when it is complete!  I am most excited about that part.


This is in our dining room (traditionally family room).  I love the frame.  SICK of the pic.  I want to make some collage type artwork incorporating a big “P”.  No idea what I will end up with.  Open to ideas! Anyone up for a crafting night?

Sitting area

Least on my priority list.  This is traditionally the breakfast room…was the play area…and is now the sitting room.  Ideally, I would get two oversized chairs.  But we are using what we have.  I would LOVE new drapes and a rug.  I layered an auction rug over Ben’s old nursery rug for now.  This room needs help.  But I may not get to it for, oh say, a year.  And please ignore the boxes of stuff on the window seat.  They are donation items that have been sitting there for a mere 3 or 4 weeks.  Nice.

Not exactly a sanctuary at the moment...

Our bedroom is a disaster.  We took our bedroom set down to the bay house.  We are left with an armoire and our new KING mattress.  First step will be a headboard.  Loving this.  And making a burlap bedskirt.  There are several no-sew tutorials for this, and since I am challenged in the sewing department…I will be going that route.  We are using an old dresser and cheap, spontaneous auction purchase side table for now.  They are in desperate need of some love and attention.  All the current wall hangings will be removed and reused or repurposed!

Joseph's Side

Our bathroom got new countertops, too.  Which leads to needing a cabinet paint job.  I bought the paint.  Just needs to be applied…going with a dark coffee bean color.  I did manage to hang a few bath towel hooks on my own.  With a drill.  We are good friends, that drill and me.

Necklace Holder

And I hung a towel rack (IKEA, $1.99) to hold my necklaces.  With a drill. Genius.  Thanks, Pinterest!

This is the just tip of the iceberg on projects I would like to accomplish!  I purchased a throw pillow case over a month ago.  Any pillow to put it on?  Nope.  We have a dining room table that you can’t wipe down without taking off the weathering.  Have I sealed it?  Nope. But I did manage to buy the sealant yesterday.  Baby steps.

At least it is on “paper” now.  Makes me feel a little bit more organized on what needs to be done.  And then there is Evan’s birthday.  And then Thanksgiving (and fall centerpieces).  And then Christmas (and the decorating).  Oh my.