Today we celebrated our birthdays at breakfast…well, our Faux Birthdays at breakfast!  So much fun!  Why should candles and singing be limited to one day each year anyway?  I want to celebrate EVERYDAY!

Our birthday “cakes” were these Pumpkin Pancakes with Cinnamon Streusel from Two Peas and Their Pod blog (great food pics!).  Quite tasty!

Happy Birthday to US!

They were definitely a treat.  But we HAD to splurge.  It is our Faux Birthday!  May have been a bit too much (at least compared to their normal breakfasts) for first thing in morning.  Both the boys and I left our plates half full…and we didn’t even use any syrup.  Evan devoured his (sans streusel).  No surprise there.  Followed up with bananas.  He was the last man standing.

What's for our next course?

So CELEBRATE.  EVERYDAY.  Over the top, scrumptious pancakes not required.