I know I haven’t posted about all of my weekends…but this past weekend was my 5th out of 6 weekends in a row that I am out of town.  It is all fun stuff…so I am not complaining.  I am however tired.  When we get home on Sunday, I always have a mental list of things that I want to accomplish…but I have not been getting to any of it really.  Oh well!  The important stuff gets done.  Tickles and bedtime songs for my babies.  Little snuggling for my hubs.  And I get a few minutes to sit down and collect my thoughts.  All important.

This past weekend was a blast.  Ben had his second soccer game on Saturday morning.  Joseph and I missed his first game last weekend (so sad!).  He is really fun to watch.  He does not have an aggressive, competitive spirit.  But he is on the field.  Running. Near the ball.  More than a lot of the other kids who are either laying on the field or who won’t leave the sidelines.  So, we are proud.  And I cheer like a crazy woman!

Here is our soccer superstar.

And part of his cheering squad.

LETS GO BEN! -Parker

From the game, we headed down to Joseph’s parents new bay house.  It is AH-Mazing.  A lot of fun will be had and memories made there.  It already feels like “home away from home”…and the furniture is just now getting moved in.  We lounged, enjoyed Uncle Jay visiting from Jakarta and Great Granny, played a round of cards, moved some furniture, and FISHED.  Whenever there was some down time and it wasn’t raining, the boys wanted to fish.  We let them stay up way past their bedtime and it was completely disappointing when we had to shut their fun down at 10 pm.

Morning on the bay

enjoying a cup of coffee



quite the fisherman!

Can we go fishing NOW?---most frequently asked question of the weekend (and pants are optional as always with Parker)


We got to enjoy the first part of the day at the bay, but then sped back for soccer pics.  It is going to be a complete lifestyle change when all the boys are in sports.  Our traveling out of town every weekend might be put on hold for 10-15 years!