This past weekend, we went to New Braunfels sans kids for Chad and Colette’s wedding festivities.  Chad is Joseph’s good friend from college, and we got to know Colette over one of our Wolfhead hunting weekends.  Such a great couple.  She is so sweet and genuine…a great complement to Chad.  What fun wedding festivities we got to be  a part of!  We partied like we were pre-kids.  Which isn’t crazy and doesn’t involve ALL nighters, but it is fun and involves a lot of laughs!

It included:

—Arriving in NB past 1 am and still staying up for cocktails.  Think the guys were just trying to combat all of the Red Bulls and coffee that they had to consume to make it past their 9:00 bedtime that was calling them as we traveled down the interstate.

—Lunch at The Gristmill.  Always a must when in the NB area.

—Tubing.  My favorite pastime.  Cold water.  Hot sun. Cold beer. Hot tube.  Does it get any better?

—Wonderful wedding ceremony and reception for a lovely couple.

—Mid-day Bloody Mary.  Delicious.

—A catnap to gear up for evening activities.

—Late night sitting by the river listening to Matt Davis sing (awesome, by the way) while enjoying a few adult beverages and the company of long time friends.

—Big breakfast on Sunday mid-morning. Eggs. Chorizo. Salsa. Queso. Fresh Tortillas.  Perfect way to say goodbye to a fun few days.

—Can’t forget a little bit of shopping at the Restoration Hardware outlet!  Left with 2 armoires for the boys new playroom.

—Making memories with some great friends!  I have some blackmail pics…but I will be nice…for now.  Can’t wait to get together again!

The boys were at Lin and Jennifer’s for the weekend.  All 3 Boys survived.  Grandparents survived and are still talking to us.  Success. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.