Yee haw! It is back to school time, folks!  Love our MDO.  Both big boys are going on MWF from 9-1.  Gives Evan and I a few hours of running errands, knocking items off the to-do list, and some play time for just the two of us.  Ben and Parker love school…what’s not to love?  Reading books.  Crafts.  Playground time.  Music Class.  PE.  Chapel.  Toys.  And Lots of Friends.  Both boys walked in, gave hugs and kisses and were off.  No insecurity.  No tears.  No fear.  Kind of wished there was a little bit of “stay for a few minutes, Momma”.  But no.  Proud of my little men.  Here are a few pics from the first day.  They were clearly excited.

crazy guy

Best Buddies


See ya, Momma!

Here’s to a GREAT year…Full of learning and loving and laughing!