As we were sitting down to eat dinner the other night, Joseph mentioned to be that he had bought our plane tickets.  Ben’s eyes LIT UP with ExCiTeMeNt!  Joseph and I exchanged worried glances followed by a “WHERE ARE WE GOING?” from Ben.  Silence from Joseph and I as we look at each other to see who is going to handle this one.  AND THEN IT HITS.  Ben realizes that he isn’t coming along, and his total excitement turns to total disappointment in a second.  HEART BREAK.  And then the hurt tears of Ben start to flow followed by my tears of guilt and sadness.  He is such a sweetheart.  It is really hard to let this fun-loving guy down (However, I am sacrificing it in exchange for 4 days of adult time with friends in NM!).  Now, time to start planning a whole family vacation that involves a plane trip.

Nothing like a slime ball hat from the creek!