Evan is there.  9 months.  Aaahhh!  Getting so big. He is into everything!  Climbing and grabbing anything that he can.  Loves to beheld.  Enjoys wrestling with his bros.

try saying "no" to that face

working his fave "locks" puzzle

trying to get something not allowed

up on his tip toes...


Weight:  20 lbs 4.5 oz.  (50-75%)

Length:  30 in. (90-95%)

Head:  47 1/2 cm (90-95%)

Teeth:  4 total  (2 on bottom, 2 just broke through on top…while on vacation…wanted to be held…constantly)

Hair:  Very little.

Eats:  Everything except honey and choking hazards.  Plus 32 oz. of formula.  Working on cutting that down.  As Joseph would say, “Oink, oink, baby”.

Words:  Ben, Park, Bubba.  Except Joseph and I are the only ones who understand it. Oh, and I KNOW he said “high five”.  Trust me.  He did.

We love him more and more each day!  Can’t believe I will be planning his first birthday before we know it!