I am calling it.  Parker is POTTY TRAINED at 2 1/2 years old.  The occasional accident still occurs…but he is sleeping through the night in UNDIES without having accidents. SO, I think that makes it official!  Only one in diapers again.  Woohoo.  He should have been (wanted to be) potty trained sooner, but I was distracted having a baby and such.  We got there though!

Big Boy

Potty Time is fun around here. (Probably TMI…but I want to remember for blackmail later in life)

You know how people like to find animals and different objects in the clouds?  Parker does that…but with his poop.  Tonight, it was “look at the castle.”

He will also name it.  There is Grandpa.  There is Baby Evan.  They want to go swimming.

When Joseph asked if he had a lot of poop in the potty, Parkers response was “It’s a MESS in there.”