Yesterday, we took a field trip to Hooks Airport.  The boys were so excited (I waited until this morning to tell them)!  Our friends, Miss Jen, Sully, and Cashel, joined us.  We all loaded up into the bus (aka the Excursion) and headed out on our adventure.  An 1 1/2 hours and only 1 bathroom stop later, we arrived at Hooks.  Turns out, Hooks is a very busy airport.  Who knew?!? Little planes and helicopters coming and going all of the time.  It was thrilling for our little men.  We sat and watch landings and take offs, walked around a maintenance area, and for the GRAND FINALE….drumroll please…a “mini” tour of a Coast Guard plane.  This was an impromptu tour.  The Coast Guard guys were doing a few last minute things around the plane and we HAD to jump on the opportunity for a tour.  They obliged, not too enthusiastically, but that didn’t slow us down.  Finished up our field trip with burgers at Aviator Grill.  Pretty sure this is at the top of the boys lists of favorite summer days!

Parker taking off.