Our 4th of July weekend involved:::::

A SHRIMP BOIL hosted by Layton and Jenny!  The kids partied hard!

Bring on the SHRIMPS.

A BIKE PARADE in the neighborhood…

Didn't Joseph do a great job decorating!?

Complete with a visit from 3 FIRE TRUCKS.

Parker couldn't sleep for the 2 nights prior to this because he was so excited!

And a SPRAY down.

for the kids to play in


Parker gave it his best shot...but the competition was brutal!

A semi-friendly WATER BALLON fight.

Luckily, I was safe holding the baby and the camera.

BONDING TIME with the family.

Play time!

There was also some game playing, water sliding, wave jumping, food grubbing, and loads of firework watching.  We can see 5 or so firework shows from the Pfeiffer’s pier.  Awesome spot!

Great weekend.

God bless America!