Ahhh…one of the joys of parenthood.  Plans to go on vacay and one of the kids gets sick.  Evan was sick for most of the week.  It involved fever, a bulging soft spot, lethargy, and some throwing up.  All of the signs of meningitis.  Fortunately, Evan was still able to give the doc one of his signature smiles…so we were able to avoid the lumbar puncture.  We waited it out, and he got better.  Of course, he still wasn’t completely out of the woods at the time when we were SUPPOSED to be leaving for Jellystone park.  We pushed the trip back a little bit…and I took my car as a precaution (in case there was any deterioration in Evan’s condition) and Joseph drove the RV with the big boys.  Basically, the first day and a half was spent with me holding Evan and trying to keep him away from everyone else.  Once we got past that, we had a lot of fun.


Jellystone Yogi Bear park is in Waller, TX, and it is great!  Who knew?!?!  It has mini golf, large water slides, a huge splash pad, a fishing pond, Comfyland for babes (like the Tot Spot at the Childrens Museum), drive-in movies, and great camping spots.

Parker likes bugs...and apparently WORMS, too.

Ben was so BRAVE!

Future golf pro?

My sidekick...after he ate dirt.

Come swimming with me!

Boys are ready to plan another trip!  Joseph and I need to recover first.