We spent a long weekend at the ranch.  We chose a good time because a lot of their HUGE garden was ripe for picking!  The boys had a great time, and I think it is a great learning opportunity to see how the vegetables are grown and be able to pick the food that you eat.  We ended up with a few varieties of squash, cucumbers, purple hull peas, tomatoes, and bell peppers.  Parker was eating the cherry tomatoes straight from the vine…and then he ate the peas (raw) as we were prepping them.  Nothing better than FRESH veggies!  We even turned a lot of it into baby food for Evan one afternoon.  Always fun and feels good to know that you are able to give your baby the healthiest, freshest, organic food!


We also played with cow bones (YUCK!)…

and fed the chickens!

Here, Chick Chick!

Most of our time was spent in the pool…but the camera never made it out there.

BTW, pants and shirts are optional at the farm….if you are under 5 y.o., and it is before 10 a.m.