It’s nap time.  And I feel that I have been fighting a losing battle these days.  Ben (4) and Parker (2) share a room.  If one isn’t falling asleep, the other one certainly isn’t.  After 1 hour and 45 minutes of battling today, they are finally both asleep.  But Evan is now awake. I have discussed over and over that napping means mama gets work done which means more time for me to play/go to the park/do crafts in the afternoon.  I have looked the door.  I have spanked.  I have stood guard at the door.  I have yelled…which really makes me feel terrible.  Is all of that REALLY worth it?  I am beginning to accept the fact that maybe Ben is old enough to drop naps and switch to quiet time.  Hopefully, he will fall asleep on days when he really needs it.  On others, he can read books.  Problem is he is the one who usually naps the longest, but hates being isolated and talks non-stop.  My little red head may prove to be the bigger issue…He is stubborn.  And a early riser. And short napper.  And doesn’t like to be told what to do one bit.  Guess I will just keep sticking to my guns with that one…I think 2 is WAY to early to stop napping.

SO, tomorrow is the beginning of a new phase.  I am going to separate them at nap time.  Parker will stick with the same routine but in his room alone.  Ben will be in the guest room.  New rules will be as follows:

1. NO TALKING.  Oh my little Chatty Cathy.  I foresee hearing lots of “MAMAS”, fake coughing, and weird animal noises just to let me know that he is still awake.  It’s what he does.

2.  BOTTOM MUST BE GLUED TO THE BED.  If it leaves the bed, he will have to nap.  He likes to use excuses for getting up like using the bathroom and needing water so this could be a problem.

3.  A TIMER WILL BE SET FOR 1.5 HOURS.  He may get up when the time goes off.  If, however, his sibling are still sleeping, he must remain quiet.  If he wakes up one of his brothers, he will have to nap (no books) the following day.

4.  BOOKS (and his reading pen) ARE THE ONLY THINGS ALLOWED IN THE BED.  No trucks.  No puzzles.  No stealing my I-phone.

5.  BED MUST BE STRAIGHTENED BEFORE LEAVING THE ROOM.  I don’t need any more beds to make!

Anything else?  Advice?  Is 1.5 hours too long to expect Ben to sit there by himself?

In case you can’t tell, I like consistency, order, and a flexible routine…and I think kids, especially little ones, tend to thrive with one. Of course, our schedules have become more and more flexible as more activities have been added.  Sometimes, driving in the car IS the only time for a nap!  And I have learned to be okay with that!

I’ll be back to update on how it goes!