Tres Lagunas is Jennifer and Lin’s (Granny and Grandpa’s) new getaway in New Mexico.  It is a little under an hour from Santa Fe, and it is PARADISE.  The little community has 3 stocked fishing ponds plus it is right on the Pecos river.  All right outside the cabin doors.  Wonderful hiking trails are minutes away.  And the weather…PERFECT!

The boys woke up, slipped on their boots, and grabbed some poles most mornings.  Ben even got a chance to work on his fly fishing technique.  Other mornings, they played tinker toys, read books, and went outside to hang out in the swing with Granny and Grandpa.  Every day, these mornings came way too early.  I would blame the bad sleep habits on the altitude…but this is pretty much every vacation.  They are just too excited to see what adventure is in store for the day to sleep.

Besides fishing, we went on a few hikes.  One morning, we hiked the Holy Ghost trail.  The temperature dropped while we were out.  We ended up with a few snow flakes and some shivering boys.  Still fun, and some beautiful views.  We stopped for a lite lunch of apples, peanut butter, and nilla wafers…but this hike was cut a bit short due to the cold and some sleepy toddlers.  When Jonathan and Amanda arrived towards the end of our trip, we went on another hike.  Not sure exactly where we were, but we made it the two miles in to a really neat cave.  Ben walked the entire way there!  That is a long hike for little 4 year old legs.  The boys (and I!) loved exploring.  Then the boys tried to see who could keep their feet in the stream the longest.  That is one competition that I was okay refraining from…that water is COLD!  We had another lite lunch on the side of the mountain before we headed back.  This time, Ben caught a ride with Dad.   We also visited the Pecos National Park  and were able to see some adobe ruins and an old church.  A ranger was on the look out for a rattle snake that had been spotted…that was the most exciting part of that adventure for my little men.

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We made a few trips into Santa Fe for some shopping and dining.  Hopefully I will get a chance to post my thumbs up and thumbs down on the places we visited in case anyone is headed that direction!

There wasn’t any down time during the trip trying to keep up with 3 little ones…but is was fun.  We really enjoyed the family time and being in the beautiful outdoors.  We came home tired, but happy.  Can’t wait to go back!