Ben turned FOUR at the end of May.  I can’t believe it.  Four seems old.  Might as well start packing his bags for college.  Well, that’s the way he acts at least.  Apparently, he already knows more than me and thinks he is large and in charge.  But he is such a kind hearted boy at the same time.  And speaking of boy…he is ALL boy.  Ben loves all activities outdoors, wrestling, and being destructive.  He also loves cooking and being a helper.  He can even make his own PB&J!  Mr. Independent.  Joseph said that he never imagined being able to love someone SO MUCH who frustrates you beyond belief.  I think that Ben is just too smart for his own good.

We had a pre-birthday (non) celebration at the house.  It is his “off” year for a party…so that means we had just our siblings, parents, and a couple of good friends over for a very low key afternoon with the giant waterslide and pizza.

Ben’s actual birthday was celebrated on our vacation in Pecos, New Mexico.  We spent the day exploring, fishing, and eating s’mores!  Paradise!