What a wonderful Easter we had!  Ben is really starting to understand what it is all about…kinda.  My mom and I did the biscuit with cinnamon & sugar and a marshmallow in the middle which disappears when cooked (He is risen!) with the boys one morning.  When Joseph got home from work and asked what we did, Ben responded with “we turned Jesus into a marshmallow!”  A little off.

We spent the weekend at Poppy and Sossi’s (The Ranch) with a short day trip to my mom’s new home in Cameron.  We LOVE our time at the ranch…especially first thing in the morning.  The boys wake up and “get to work”….gathering chicken eggs…feeding the cows…being Poppy’s helpers…swimming…gardening…relaxing.  It is so fun to watch the bond develop between my children and parents.  On Sunday, we attended church in Hempstead.  It is always funny when you are an out-of-towner visiting a small church.  You really stand out, and everyone assumes that you don’t have a church home.  Needless to say, we received a VERY warm welcome.   It was very nice.  After church, more family joined us for lunch, egg dyeing, card playing, easter egg hunting, pinning the tail on the donkey, and playing.

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Wonderful time spent with my amazing family…I am so thankful.

***Note: Just this morning, we were still playing easter egg hunting.  It never gets old.  They will be pros next year!