Ben has been doing Small Stuff T-Ball at the Y for the past few weeks.  It is basically a Parent/Child camp with a game at the end.  It’s been fun for Joseph and Ben to have a little father/son time.  Ben loves running the bases and hitting.  Playing catch leads to him spazzing out and daydreaming.  He is good, but playing catch does not hold his attention when there is a soccer game happening on the next field!

Tuesday was his BIG T-Ball game, and Ben had an entire cheering section.  It was really cute to see a bunch of 3 year olds out on the field.  Actually, I think that there were more parents on the field than kids.  But it was really fun to watch!

T-ball Rules!


A few of Ben's fans!

Thanks to Charlie and the girls, Granny and Grandpa, and Poppy and Sossi to coming out to support him.  It definitely made his day!