Jumping on the blogging bandwagon and posting some of my favorite things for the boys!

1.  ACTIVITY TABLE.  Originally for the boys…but I got a new dining table and chairs and had not found slipcovers that work for round back chairs so we have been sitting at the activity table for a lot of our meals…including my 6′ 3″ husband. For almost a year.  It was a full load of laundry for each meal at the adult table because there was a towel/mat for each of the boys seat, a tablecloth, and a splat mat.  This table has been really handy.  So it gets used for meals, playing, arts & crafts, etc.  We love having it.  Plus, we have different height legs to adjust for when they are small to big.  The paper roll is fun, too.

2.  MINI BARSTOOLS.  Follow up from above, to solve this solution…I found these chairs from IKEA.  They are awesome.  They look good in our dining room.  Plus, they put the boys at the right height for the dining table without sitting on their knees.  I am not a fan of highchairs.   We had one for a little bit, but it drove me nuts.  Perfect solution!  Go from a clip-on chair or bebe pod to the barstool!

3.  MOSES BASKET.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!  I wanted it for Ben.  Too frivolous.  I wanted it for Parker.  Too frivolous.  I wanted it for Evan.  Why not?!?!  He might be our last baby…so I wanted it!  Jennifer and Lin were kind enough to get it for us.  Thanks, Granny and Grandpa!   We have used it a lot.  Since he was born around the holidays…we took it everywhere.  Whenever he needed to rest, we could lay him in it, have him near us, and he was safe.  So convenient.  It has replaced a pac ‘n play for these first few months.  Once he outgrows it, it is still cute enough to store stuffed animals or blankets in it.  Highly recommend splurging on this item!  Ours is from RH Baby & Child.

4. FRUIT LEATHERS.  Yummy and healthy (if you get the right ones!).  Just read the label.  They make some with only fruit puree (others have add-ins).  These are one of the boys favorite treats and they are so easy to toss in my bag!

5.  GAP V-Neck Ts.  Simple. Soft.  Wash great.  So handsome.

6.  TOOLS & WORKBENCH.  Every kid needs a set.  Both boys and girls, from a wide range of ages, play with it when they come over.  We got ours when Ben was 1 1/2, I think.  Still played with regularly!  There aren’t many toys that hold up that long AND keep the boys excited.