Joseph is SO LUCKY.  When he is doing odd jobs around the house, he has the best little helpers in town.  It is so cute watching the little ones follow right behind Joseph…doing everything that he does.  They run inside and grab their own tools so that they can be just like him.  I am sure that it ends up taking Joseph twice as long to do things with all of his “help”, but what a great way to teach them how to fix things and demonstrate a good work ethic.

Parker got some one on one with Joseph this weekend while Ben and Evan took extra long naps.  Being the middle child, alone time with one of us almost never happens.  He ate it up.  They spent their time “piddling” and going to the hardware store.

Daddy's Helper

Trying to keep up!

Whatcha doing, Dad?

After you work really hard, it is time to reward yourself with some ice cream sandwiches and outdoor play time.  Ben woke up just in time.

Well deserved treat!