They say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  Evan is going to be a TOUGH kid.  He has survived his brothers…so far.  One of Parker’s favorite activities is to ride Evan.  He also enjoys picking him up…by his head.  Parker really, really loves Evan and must show him by giving BIG bear hugs and talking to him 2 inches from his face.  Luckily, Evan is a really good sport and just goes with it (most of the time).

Parker "loving" on Evan

Evan is getting more active.  Grabbing objects and shoving them in his mouth.

Plastic. Yummy!

He loves to laugh when his brothers do silly things, and he is very ticklish. Evan squirms around propelling himself forward.  He still spits up A LOT.  I know lots of people say that their kiddos are spitters…but mine is a SERIOUS spitter upper.  It is ridiculous.  I am ready for him to outgrow it.  For his sake and my floors and my wardrobe.  If it doesn’t hit the floor…it is usually straight down my cleavage.   Not a cool feeling!

We are falling more and more in love with our littlest every day!

littlest and biggest