I am going to update this post as needed to record some of the funny/weird/cute things that the boys say and do…Hoping Joseph will help me out with this one along the way.

  • As I am buttoning up his shirt…Parker gives my a smirk and says “Cool guy”.  He is totally cool.  I hope to be as cool as him one day.   Parker, barely 2
  • Me:  Ben, how about we do….?

Ben:  How about no?!?

not so funny, but in character.  Ben, 3 years old

  • THIS ONE IS FOR UNCLE JOHN:  Ben was telling me about Easter and describing how Jesus died on the cross and rose again.  Then his description took a bizarre turn.  “Yep, Mom.  It’s just like snakes.  They die, and then they come back to life and bite you.”  Ben, 3 years old (April 8 2011)