Today was supposed to be Ben’s MDO field trip to the Houston Zoo.  BUT 1. Ben woke up screaming when Joseph left for work at 5:30 (luckily he slept in because he usually leaves at 4:30).  His screaming woke up the rest of the house.  2. Evan sounded slightly croupy during the night.  3. The weather looked dreary.  SO, I decided not the stress myself out getting to Ben’s MDO field trip to the zoo.  We were having a “stay at home” day…which never happens.   In an effort to keep my monkeys entertained, we decided to do Pudding Painting.  I know that this is a great, fun activity…but it goes against all of my natural instincts.  I don’t like messes….but my boys love them.  And I love my boys.  So I push through it.  They get to have their fun.  Can’t wait for Evan to be able to join in the festivities!

Ben was such a stinker!  He would dip his brush into Parkers bowl for painting…and saved his bowl for him to eat.  My little troublemaker.

If it had been prettier…we would have gone outside.  But since it was overcast, I contained them in the bath tub.  Here was the result:


I'll get you, Mom!

Do I have something on my face?


My heart races a little just looking at these.