Big Boy Baseball Player!


We had  a great weekend, interrupted by a few illnesses that forced us to slow down…for a few minutes.  Friday afternoon was spent at Minute Maid where the Aggies were playing baseball.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day to have the roof open.  We went with our friends, the Peltiers, so the boys could run the aisles with their buddy Julia.  Honestly, I can’t tell you what the score was…but we did have fun.  Joseph got each of the boys their own giant ice cream (more on this later!) which kept them occupied for 10 minutes.  Ben kept waiting for them to hit a ball to him…He had his glove ready.  When it was time to leave, he couldn’t grasp why he still hadn’t gotten a ball.  We will have to work on the logistics of watching a baseball game versus playing in a game.

Put me in, Coach!

He must really like baseball...he stayed awake the ENTIRE time!

We tried to get  dinner Lupe’s after the game so the adults could chat and the kids could get rid of some of their pent up energy.  That plan was thwarted when Parker’s ice cream made a second appearance all over his car seat.  Luckily, we had a back up car seat…Which stayed clean until we were 2 minutes from our home…at which point the ice cream made its third appearance.  Awesome.  Think Parker was on sugar and dairy overload.  NEVER. AGAIN.  Evan did not sleep that night (out of character) and was really stuffy. Between Parker and Evan,  we decided to play it safe and had to cancel our Yachti Gras plans for Saturday.  So sad!  It is so much fun if you have never been.  We like to watch from Outriggers.  They have a live band, good food, and you don’t have to mess with Kemah!

On Sunday, we decided everyone was good to go so we went to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  We usually go on a weekday…which we will do from now on to avoid the crazy weekend crowds.  The boys had a great time going through the Farmer exhibit, looking at eggs hatch, and making friends with the animals.  Ben even rode the giant slide!

Here Chickie, Chickie!

We decided to take a break on the grass before the 3:45 rodeo start.  We had arrived at 11ish, and the boys were going on fumes without their afternoon naps.

Taking a break. Parker wouldn't be in the pic. He was sprawled out on the grass about to either melt down or pass out.

Luckily, all the boys caught a second wind and were ready for the RODEO!  They LOVED it.  Parker and Ben were so excited to watch the bull riding, mutton busting, wagon races, etc.  So fun!  They were even more excited that we were in a suite with open access to popcorn, pizza, and ice cream.

To see things from a childs eyes...

Evan ate and slept and took in the scenery.  What a trooper!  We drag him everywhere.

Such a sweetheart!

We left before the performance started.  Selena Gomez.  High pitched screaming.  No thanks.  It was a long day, but we had so much fun.  I get just as excited as the boys.  I think it is contagious.  Rodeo will definitely continue to be a yearly family tradition.

NOTE:  Yes, Parker has a black eye, goose egg, and busted lip in these pics.  He took a header off of his activity table…taking out a chair along the way.  He is 2.  He is a boy.  Need I say more?