Parker turned 2 on Friday.  Time needs to slow down.  Seriously.  My middle man is getting too big, too fast.  Two weeks ago, he went from saying “ParPer” to saying Parker. “I hold you” went to “You hold me”.  While I am glad that he is turning into such a cuddly, independent, smart toddler…it tugs at my heartstrings. A LOT.

Some things that I want to remember.

He wants to wear these EVERY DAY.  EVERYWHERE.

Looking Good!

If you try to tell him to wear other shoes, you might get one of these faces.

Hard to deny this face...

He wants to eat this EVERY MORNING.


He loves to wrestle with his dad and big brother.  Sometimes he tackles you when you aren’t looking.  He WILL take you down.

He loves dinosaurs and lions because he likes ROARING!

He is the toughest little guy ever.  We think he feels the pain…but his macho side won’t let him show it.

He has a great vocabulary.  If for some reason you don’t understand what he is saying, he assumes that you must not be able to hear him. SO, he repeats it louder and LOUDER until you do understand it.

He is FULL of personality, and he is always full of excitement when he talks.

We celebrated Parkers birthday with the Pfeiffer family on Thursday night.  Everyone came over, and we just ordered in pizza and let the kids play.  On Friday, we headed up to my dad’s ranch for the weekend.  Two other families came along.  We had a great time!  He had a “Very Hungry Caterpillar” theme that night…complete with all of the foods that the caterpillar eats and sushi caterpillars.   We enjoyed a fireworks display put on by Dad that night.  The rest of the weekend was full of fishing, playing in the creek, feeding cows, jumping in the bounce house, s’mores, campfire laughter, and a road trip to the infamous Snows BBQ (lived up to its reputation!).   Having wonderful friends enjoy it all with us made it even more special!

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I thank God for this sweet little man!  He is such a blessing!