Josephs 32nd

Bottoms Up, Birthday Boy!

Two weekends ago, we celebrated Joseph’s 32nd birthday.  We had grand plans of going camping at Huntsville State Park, but work got in the way at the last minute.  Despite the change in plans, we had a great weekend of celebrating!  On Friday night, we went with my parents, Joseph’s parents, Jonathan, and Amanda to  Rudi Lechners (a fun, delicious Austrian restaurant).  They sell beer by the liter.  How can you go wrong?!?!

The rest of the weekend was full of fun and food.  Big french toast breakfast.  BB gun shooting.  Friends over for dinner.  Game of Loaded Questions. T Bone Toms.  Relaxing.  Beautiful weather.  We don’t just celebrate birthdays on the actual day in this family…it is a full weekend…sometimes a full week.  Especially when we are celebrating such an awesome husband, dad, and friend.

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