Parker at WH

Keeping Up with the Big Boys!

Alex is ready for adventure!

Evan driving the mule. His first WH trip.

At the end of January, we made an impromptu trip to Wolfhead Ranch (the Pfeiffer’s ranch in Crystal City).  Joseph had been promising to take Ben hunting all season but things kept coming up and we kept pushing it back. This was the last weekend of hunting season.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute.  And I am a stickler about if we tell the boys that we are going to do something…we better do our best to make it happen.  I know it is inevitable, but I just hate letting them down.

Since we had a little more room in our vehicle, we decided to steal two of my nephews away for the weekend too.  Ben and Parker were very excited to have their older cousins along for the trip…and this is a trip that little boys (at least little boys in our family) dream about.  Once you get to Wolfhead, there is the threat of snakes, dirt to kick around, targets to shoot at with bb guns, and deer to be hunted from the blinds. Seriously, does it get any better?!  Quite the adventure for our guys.  Joseph was a trooper.  He took Ben and Matthew out to the blind in the morning, and Ben and Alex got to adventure out for the evening hunt.  Needless to say, they saw very few deer…and no shots were taken.  The excitement of waiting in the deer blind wears off after 10 minutes…and then the boredom and  whispering begins.  Thank goodness for IPads.


Matt at Ranch

Matt Finds Quite a Treasure


Boys will be Boys!

You'll shoot your eye out!

Thanks for taking us to Wolfhead, Dad!

We are so glad that Matt and Alex were able to join us.  I hope that all of the boys are making memories and building friendships that will last forever!